Ensure all activities are done on time
and increase productivity by keeping your staff focused.

Increase your staff productivity with clear work routines

Frogmi StoreWork lets you create helpful routines to keep your staff engage and focused so that they never forget a critical activity.

Each routine element is time-stamped to measure productivity, compare results across stores and set objective benchmarks.

Manage your workforce with the flexibility that a multistore operations needs

Schedule routines with different instructions and timetables when needed, using the same tags for equivalent activities inside different routines to consolidate results and follow-up benchmarks.


Increase employee engagement with an intuitive and flexible application

Following routines has never been easier. Each scheduled activity can be revisited to change its status or to report problems that are preventing its proper execution.

Gain visibility on your store’s productivity and detect issues on time

Frogmi consolidates all results in real time to help you compare the productivity of equivalent activities across stores, while also letting you to promptly detect problems affecting punctuality and manage their resolution.