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More VISIBILITY for better decisions

Streamline your store operation

More than ever, an agile store execution is critical to succeed in the new era of commerce. You need to move faster than competitors while reducing costs.

A live understanding of your execution metrics is a must to make better decisions. Resources are limited, know where to allocate them.

A mobile app designed for mobile users

The Frogmi app is designed to maximize the adoption of store users with a fast and intuitive onboarding process.

Build up a mobile framework so you can get the most out of your stores. Reduce the use of emails, forms, and phone calls. With Frogmi, standardize your store processes and manage everything in a single place.

Allows you to have greater visibility of stores execution through a single platform, allowing you to access:


Centralize every store walk, audit & evaluation into one powerful system to enhance access to information. Fast to create & deploy.

Marketing Campaigns

A dynamic industry needs a dynamic system to communicate marketing initiatives to stores and measure its performance

Online Training

Send training material to stores and assess your associates knowledge instantly to ensure its understanding.

Say goodbye to information silos

No more information silos and unmanageable formats.

An objective and shared analysis results in strategic alignment.

Easy & Simple – Frogmi adapts to your retail structure

Frogmi is a complete management model, easy to use & fast to deploy.

Why wait? Try Frogmi today to sell more, while saving costs.

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