Centralize all your store audits and controls for
maximum insight and strategic alignment.

Streamline Your Store Execution

Reduce emails, forms, and calls.

With Frogmi, standardize your store audits and campaign controls managing everything in a single place. Create, copy and edit quick and easy.

Set different assignments to users, roles, channels or brands.

Measure your StoreBeat

Use Frogmi StoreBeat to bring your Strategy to the Stores.

Set-up your operational metrics, set their relative relevance and tag every control point your field staff will measure with Frogmi.

Frogmi StoreBeat translates your operation into a quantitative indicator that can be disaggregated to every business level.

A mobile app designed for mobile users

The Frogmi App is an extremely easy to use, fast to deploy and secure solution for field and store staff.

Check-in, take pictures, scan codes, sign forms and much more.

Manage your team schedule

Use our scheduling features to dynamically assign Store checks to users in specific locations.

Frogmi captures when, where and what your staff did and contrast it with your defined schedule, giving you insights of your workforce productivity.

Say goodbye to information silos

Visualize in real time your store execution metrics in a quick and actionable way. Take your reporting to the next level with online metrics & data at the same levels of your business structure.

No more information silos and unmanageable formats. An objective and shared analysis results in strategic alignment.