The fastest, easiest and more complete model for consumer brands
get the most out of store execution.

Get the most of your store visits

From gathering your questions and planning the visit to the audit execution and results compilation, Frogmi helps you gain efficiency and effectiveness.

With a simple and flexible configuration, get measurable data on display, prices, promotions, shelve share, agreement compliance and more, for each of the products or categories that drive your business.

Bring all audits to one place with dynamic questionnaires

Choose which products and categories must be audited in each store or dates.

You can constantly modify these selections, and Frogmi will automatically update the questionnaire accordingly for each of your auditors in the field.

Speed up store rounds with flexible mobile navigation

The auditor chooses which products or categories to visit first, with a user-friendly interface that helps him organize his route efficiently and never have to visit a section twice.

Improve you’re analysis capabilities

Learn compliance levels for all your commercial expectations, at any aggregation level.

And if you want to do your own analysis, Frogmi has dramatically improved the structure of the downloaded data.