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Everything you need in ONE platform

Frogmi combines visibility + actionability in one seamless system for better store performance. Eliminate information and process silos to make your organization WORK AS ONE

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Unleash the power of mobile to achieve better store operations

Frogmi in the palm of your hand. Execute store audits, tasks, create/solve operational tickets and collect field information. With GPS, photos, timestamps and online/offline mode ensure that your activities are fulfilled at the right time and place.

Our Solutions

Boost your productivity with a simple and live communications channel

Send straightforward communications to eliminate unnecessary emails and make it easy for your store associates to access company resources and information.

Our Solutions

Companies who have trusted in our solution and services

From 10 to +10,000 stores, we got you covered

A complete store management model

 Adopt a simple and agile model for users and improve internal communications


More visibility for better decisions

Centralizing all your store audits and evaluations enhance access to information across the organization. A single platform and operational language promotes alignment within different business units which results in more productivity and efficient resources allocation.

  • Storecheck Management
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Online Training
See StoreBeat

Simple Task Management for complex situations

Identify in real time your stores operational gaps. An automated prioritization of the corrective actions allow an efficient allocation of resources to minimize hidden resolution costs. Achieve an effective resolution and maximize accountability during the process.

  • Task Management
  • Incident Management
  • Automated Workflows
See StoreAction

The perfect day-to-day guide for store associates

Ensure that all daily, weekly or monthly activities are executed on its respective time frame, so customer service during high-traffic hours is not affected. Increase store productivity, identify problems in real time and deliver a perfect customer experience.

  • Routines Execution
  • Schedule Planning
  • Cloud Knowledge Base
See StoreWork

Real-time research and data collection

The fastest, easiest and more complete model for consumer brands to execute a perfect store execution. A detailed understanding of your on-shelf availability, commercial agreements, market share and competitors presence gives you all the levers you need to navigate a more than ever competitive landscape.

  • SKU & Product Category Audit
  • On Shelf Availability
  • Commercial Agreements
See StoreScan
Beyond Retail Task Management

Overloading your stores with tasks affects your employees work balance and prevents them from managing correctly and providing a proper customer service. 

Build up a strategic framework and allocate store efforts where they add real value.

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A Solution designed for your Business

More than ever, an agile store execution is critical to succeed in the new era of commerce.

You need to move faster than your competitors, while reducing costs.

Retail Stores

Reduce drastically the use of unproductive email and enforce accountability.

Convenience Stores
Special Stores
Departament Stores
and more


Achieve an exceptional and consistent experience, so your customers love you and keep coming back.

Coffee Shop
Quik Service Restaurants
and more


Retail Services

Customer experience must be flawless to increase and mantain your customer's loyalty.

Gas Stations
Fitness & Wellness
and more


Consumer Brands & Outsourcing

The shelf is your own shop-in-shop experience. Is your product strategy executed and displayed correctly?

Food and beverages
Household care
Durable goods
Helth care
and more

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The Big Benefits

A better store execution, with an accountable staff and efficient processes has a direct impact on the last line of your business and on your final consumers´ brand perception.

Increase Sales

Up to 5% increase in revenues. Better in-store compliance means more available products, better service and consistency across all the stores, which are key levers for improving revenue.

Reduce Costs

Decrease store deploy time up to 50%. Marketing campaigns, infrastructure maintenance, product recalls and many other activities, are rapidly communicated to the correct responsive teams and tracked until completed.

Maximize Productivity

Up to 20% increase in task resolution. Field teams know what to do at all times, they communicate better and their performance is measured continuously, increasing their productivity dramatically

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