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The perfect day-to-day guide for store associates

In the right place at the right time

Ensure that all daily, weekly or monthly activities are executed on its respective time frame, so customer service during high-traffic hours is not affected.

Compare results within stores and build up and objective benchmark.

Enhance store productivity

An easy step-by-step guideline for store associates. Schedule activities and make sure these are executed. Analyze time spent in each activity and find improvement opportunities.

Increase store productivity, identify problems in real time and deliver a perfect customer experience.

Allows you to ensure productivity:

Routine Execution

Centralize every store walk, audit & evaluation into one powerful system to enhance access to information. Fast to create & deploy.

Schedule Planning

Check in real-time the correct execution of all your store activities. Store opening, shift changes, product reception, and much more.

Cloud Knowledge Base

Empower store associates with instant access to business information. Store manuals, HR resources or training material.

Outperform your competitors

An impeccable store execution is the corner stone to deliver a great customer experience.

Make sure your business strategy is effectively executed in all your stores.

Easy & Simple – Frogmi adapts to your retail structure

Frogmi is a complete management model, easy to use & fast to deploy.
Why wait? Try Frogmi today to sell more, while saving costs.

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