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Real-time research and data collection

Get Visibility over your On Shelf Availability

Don´t miss revenue opportunities by reducing your Out of Stocks and making sure your trade initiatives are being effectively implemented in the stores. Maximize your store coverage with an easy to manage and fast to deploy tool, get the most out of your workforce in real time.

With StoreScan take control of these metrics in a easy way.

In the right place at the right time

With Frogmi make sure your store associates have full ownership over your product displays. Empower them with real time alerts regarding product behaviour and build a fast channel to take action.

Speed up your operation in a more than ever fast and competitive industry.

Allows you to control stock and promotions at stores:

On Shelf Availability

Control Out of Stocks quickly and easily, reducing impact in sales and increasing product availability on shelf.

Share of Shelf and Displays

Align your shelf space and share of exhibitions with you value/volume share in order to maximize your visibility in store.

Displays Agreements

Ensure diplays agreements in stores increasing profitability of your investment in your commercial agreements.

Turn visibility into actionability

Allocate resources efficiently and put your company in a virtuose circle of continuous improvement.

Easy & Simple – Frogmi adapts to your retail structure

Frogmi is a complete management model, easy to use & fast to deploy.
Why wait? Try Frogmi today to sell more, while saving costs.

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