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Simple Task Management for complex situations

Store Execution is not an easy task

Make it simple with an easy to use and fast to deploy task manager. Create a task in a minute and see how it deploys across the organization in a second.

Get your message quickly to every store and check its execution in real-time.

Enhance accountability

No more long-chain emails without a clear responsible. Frogmi mobile backlog lets everyone knows what to do next.

Create tasks or report an incident as fast as you read this. Configure responsible roles or automate workflows to make sure that your organization is ready to perform.

Allows you to simplify the company communication and act immediately by:

Task Management

No more emails! Easily send tasks to store associates, ignite immediate delivery and check its execution in real-time.

Incident Management

Centralized store incident reporting for fast communications. A corporate resolution backlog enhances accountability.

Automated Workflows

Trigger automated tasks due to non-compliance standards for maximum productivity. Eliminate process redundancy.

Turn visibility into actionability

Allocate resources efficiently and put your company in a virtuous circle of continuous improvement.

Easy & Simple – Frogmi adapts to your retail structure

Frogmi is a complete management model, easy to use & fast to deploy.

Why wait? Try Frogmi today to sell more, while saving costs.

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