Identify in real time your operational gaps,
achieve effective resolution and maximize accountability.

Ensure effective problem resolution

Define Responsible Areas with clear ownership to solve different kinds of issues or incidents in each Zone. Stores create tickets and the system automatically assigns them to the right people.

No more long chains of emails or frustrating phone calls.

Turn Visibility into Actionability

Set potential gaps detected in a Storecheck from Frogmi Storebeat, to trigger automatic tickets to the respective responsible area, moving your company into a virtuous circle of continuous improvement.

Send tasks to people in the store

From product recalls to visual material installation, Frogmi gives you a centralized way to make things happen without having to contact the right people in each specific Store.

Gain online tracking of everyone’s performance

Review all tasks and tickets, assigned to you or your team, using a dashboard that shows you descriptions, locations, due dates, priorities and more.


Empower people with Frogmi app

Staff can create tickets, review their backlog and update ticket status, all from their mobile device while they interact in the store. No more back office rework to inform, with delays, all the work that has been done.