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Team up with Frogmi to bring an effective Mobile Cloud solution and enable optimal store execution to your clients with our rewarding partner program.

With a design thinking approach, a talented team and a global scope we are continuously improving to serve such a dynamic industry.

Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing partners use Frogmi to execute proper operations for their clients with activities ranging from performing tasks and audits all the way to leverage the data and insights into strategic and tactical business actions.

Solution Partner

Solution partners are industry and domain experts who market and resell Frogmi to their clients, assist them with onboarding and ongoing support, and provide other value-add services.

“In the digital transformation era, technological solutions have become a ``must have`` to stay competitive and maintain satisfied customers. With Frogmi we provide our clients with the ideal technology to achieve a perfect store execution with an efficient operation”

Fernando Lavenás
Socio – Hook Consultores, Argentina

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