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Achieve an exceptional and consistent experience, so your customers keep coming back

Restaurant chains face several challenges:

Inconsistent customer service

That goes from service level to promotions and trade marketing implementation.

Constant risk of food safety incidents

 A lack of guided processes makes it hard to maintain high levels of higene or track expirartion dates

A highly rotative work force

Constant new hires end up in unstandardized processes and low employee motivation.

Management have low visibility and control

Lack of visibility and accountability encourages a deficient execution.

visibilidad restaurante

Make critical processes be followed in every location.

Time-stamped tasks, periodic routines and internal audits will drive your restaurants to ensure food safety, maintain high levels of hygiene and comply with industry regulations. All this while keeping staff motivated and doing the right task.

Assess customer experience with constant feedback.

Consumer expectations are higher than ever and the smallest mistake can put them off returning to your restaurants.
Quick surveys to evaluate service, ambiance and food quality are key to detect issues on time and stay competitive.

Gain visibility and control of all locations

Frogmi gathers all of your field force answers and translates them in a configurable metric called Storebeat. Analyze your StoreBeat at a zone level, format level, and drill it down to individual restaurants.

Achieve an exceptional and consistent experience in your restaurants




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