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Consumer Brands

The shelf is your own shop-in-shop experience

Auditing products involves several challenges:

Too many control points

Many products to audit in multiple stores form different chains, nationwide.

Questionnaires are tough to manage

Since products, promotions and agreements aren’t the same in all locations and at all times.

Inefficient Workforce

Store visits are poorly planed, and each visit can take hours since store routes are improvised

Low visibility of a third party execution

Decisions are taken blindly or assuming that all agreements are met

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Identify operational gaps and achieve a perfect execution.

Compare real shelve stock with your inventory system and identify the causes of operational gaps. Reduce stock breakdowns, maximize performance on price, presence, and promotion and enhance your brand experience to increase customer loyalty.

Clear accountability for the compliance of your business agreements.

With Frogmi, you can properly follow-up the implementation of your store business agreements. Maximize your return on investment with additional displays, exhibitions and trade marketing material.


Powerful Analytics.

No more long hours consolidating information trying to find actionable insights. With Frogmi, you can set metrics at any level and consolidate pricing positioning, in-shelf market shares and promotions on your different brand segments.

Achieve a perfect execution in your stores


“Frogmi gives us real time visibility of our products and exhibitions which allows us to make quick and effective decisions, in order to improve our customers experience”

Paula Godoy, Commercial Manager – Retail Division Luxe L’OREAL

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