Maximize the performance of your stores.

Face the new retail era with a rapid and easy-to-use system. Focus on added value tasks and align your communications between your head office and your different stores.

Administra tus actividades con el sistema de Gatekeeper

Manage your tasks with the Gatekeeper system


A store manager can receive over 100 emails a day, weakening his in-store performance. Manage the activities and communications to maximize the compliance with business and operational guidelines.


Cuenta con información en línea y accionable

Have on-line, actionable information

The sales and stock KPIs do not reflect the daily operations of your store. With Frogmi, you can set metrics for the operational variables of your different stores and find any gaps with only three clicks.  All your information in a single place.


Visualiza tus tiendas cuando y donde quieras

Visualize your stores when and where you want it


No more efforts consolidating your in-store execution photographs. Access at all times and places an image gallery, check on your campaign status and achieve the look & feel your brand deserves.


Asegura la calidad de tu operación

Ensure the quality of your operations


Don't leave anything to fate. With Frogmi, you can ensure the correct execution of the efficiency, security and quality operations protocols. Standardize and parametrize your processes and quickly spot the areas that need your hands-on management attention.


Tu operación completa en una sola pantalla

Your entire operation in a single screen


Monitor the state of your stores and secure the proper compliance of in-store activities with GPS and time stamps. Visualize the maps by business area, brands, execution variables and everything you need to have actionable information.


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Standardize your in-store processes, maximize the performance of your field teams and visualize in real time the metrics of your business.