Unleash the power of Mobile to accomplish better Store Operations

Frogmi is a cloud solution that provides online visibility and immediate actionability. Our complete management model ensures that your business strategy is effectively executed in all your stores.

Our Solutions

Achieve full visibility and control over your Store Performance

Execute store audits, tasks and solve operational tickets. With GPS, photos, timestamps and online/offline mode ensure that all your activities are fulfilled at the right time and place.

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Boost your Productivity with Data Analysis, Automatically triggered Tasks and more.

Set your business standards and trigger automated workflows. Eliminate information and process silos to make your corporate business units WORK AS ONE.

Our Capabilities

Brands that Trust frogmi

The Evolution of Retail Task Management

Overloading your stores with tasks affects your employees work balance and prevents them from managing correctly and providing a proper customer service.

Build up a strategic framework and allocate store efforts where they add real value.

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A solution designed for your business

Retail Stores

Reduce drastically the use of unproductive email and enforce accountability.

Convenience stores



Specialty stores

Department stores

And more +


Achieve an exceptional and consistent experience, so your customers love you and keep coming back.



Fast Food


And more +


Retail Services

Customer experience is a must if you want to increase and maintain your customer’s loyalty.




Gas Stations

Fitness and Wellness

And more +


Consumer Brands

The shelf is your own shop-in-shop experience. Your product strategy is displayed correctly?

Food and beverages

Household care

Durable goods



And more +

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The Big Benefits

Increase Sales

Up to 5% increase in revenues. Better in-store compliance means more available products, better service and consistency across all the stores, which are key levers for improving revenue.

Reduce Costs

Decrease store deploy time up to 50%. Marketing campaigns, infrastructure maintenance, product recalls and many other activities, are rapidly communicated to the correct responsive teams and tracked until completed.

Maximize Productivity

Up to 20% increase in task resolution. Field teams know what to do at all times, they communicate better and their performance is measured continuously, increasing their productivity dramatically

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